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Welcome to the online home of Soul-A-Granola. I’m so glad you’re here because I want to tell you a little about my food company, KT Foodgroove, and how a granola recipe that began in my kitchen is now available for yours!

People that know me know that when I love something, I’m loud and passionate about it, and food is definitely one of my great passions. I love to cook, I love to bake and I love to eat. Instead of being the enemy, food should be a source of pleasure, and a way to share love with family and friends. I encourage people not to shortchange themselves when it comes to good eating. Focus on taste. Use high-quality ingredients. Don’t deny what you love. Go ahead and have the best of what you’re craving. You will end up a hundred times more satisfied than if you try to be “good” through deprivation. I’m saying, slow down, think about what you really want, and then, eat THAT.

At the same time, staying fit and healthy is important to me, and I don’t see it as a contradiction. Food can be delicious and nutritious. Lucky for me, I’ve found a way to join these passions for wellness and good food into my company, KT Foodgroove.

It all started when the owner of the exercise studio I worked out at shared her difficulties with food sensitivities. On a lark, one day I brought her some of my homemade almond milk. She quickly became my first customer, spreading the word until I was selling my rich, creamy almond milk to the whole class. Soon after, I started offering gluten-free baked goods I crafted in my kitchen. I was blown away by the positive feedback!

Seeing how much people loved the desserts got my wheels turning. I’ve been a total nutrition nerd most of my life (in my spare time I read nutrition blogs). I’m a certified Pilates instructor and a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. There I learned about the deep connection between what we eat and how we feel.

I started experimenting with paleo and grain-free recipes and that’s when the seeds for Soul-A-Granola (pun intended!) were planted. After offering baggies of the granola to friends and family, I’m happy to say that it was a huge HIT!

So that’s my story, and the story of KT Foodgroove. I chose the name because it evokes my greatest passions—food, wellness and music. When you are in a groove of any kind—be it music, food, movement, or any creative endeavor, you are flowing with what works for your mind, body and spirit.



I would rather run out of coffee and wine than go without my Soul-A-Granola. I need it in the morning for breakfast with milk, afternoons with yogurt and fruit and always in the car to snack on. Soul-A-Granola is so fresh you can taste the love and high quality organic sourced nuts and seeds.
— LS, Long Island, NY
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